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Interactive Spanish classes for all levels and ages

Fast, dynamic and communicative Spanish courses

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For All Levels

Interactive learning.

Communicative skills reinforced.

Learn how to handle yourself in normal everyday situations

Cultural knowledge is shared.

Creating your own oral presentations based on different topics.

Focus on interesting topics.

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For Beginners

Traveler-oriented classes.

In the very first class you will learn how to communicate with people in normal and daily situations.

Learn how to talk about yourself, meeting people, asking directions, shopping, ordering food and making reservations.

Learn strategies to accelerate your learning process out of the classrooms.

Learn about Costa Rican culture in our classes.

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For Children

Children learn Spanish through many different interesting activities that include

Games, Crafts, Singing, Puppets, Arts Interacting with other children and the teacher.


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Exciting New Services at Costatika Spanish!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest offerings, designed to enrich your Costa Rican experience and enhance your Spanish language journey. Our new services include:

Adventure Tours:
Embark on thrilling eco-adventures that showcase the natural beauty of Costa Rica. From hiking in lush rainforests to exploring pristine beaches, our guided tours promise unforgettable memories.

Tico Homestays:
Immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture by staying with a local family. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Ticos, practice your Spanish in real-life settings, and create lifelong connections.

Conversational Spanish Programs:
Choose the program that best fits your schedule and goals. Our intensive program offers an immersive learning experience for rapid progress, while our flexible program allows you to balance your studies with other activities.

Ready to start your adventure? Discover more about our new services and how they can transform your stay in Costa Rica.