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Basic Spanish 1

Costatika Spanish 4 Everyone Español Básico 1 provides a complete step by step guide that will bring you the results expected. Every chapter is designed based on the author’s experience and what has worked the best for her students, always looking for the achievement of a more effective communicative competence.

This program offers clear and specific examples plus plenty of practice activities to reinforce grammar. It can be used in a classroom setting or individually at home.



Costatika Español Básico 1 provides a complete step-by-step guide for your first lessons in Spanish. This book contains clear and specific examples plus plenty of practice activities to reinforce grammar, all organized into seven chapters based on a communicative approach to help you achieve competency. Every chapter is introduced by a general objective.


Alphabet, greetings, subject pronouns, days of the week, months of the year, numbers from 1 to 20, colors and occupations.


Personal information presentations, short conversations, occupations, indefinite articles, demonstrative pronouns, practical sentence writing indicating closeness and distance. Interactive pronouns possessive pronouns, singular and plural.


Verb conjugation, Necesitar, (to need), and sentence examples, food vocabulary, “at the supermarket”, reading comprehension, sentence writing activities, questions using to need, a day at work reading comprehension and written responses, numbers continued, at the shopping center reading comprehension, practical answers based on reading, clothing vocabulary


Verb conjugation, Querer, (to want), and sentence examples, “errands”, reading comprehension, practical answers based on reading, write sentences using to want, fill in the blank – a walk in the mountains.


Verb conjugation Tener que, (to have to), and sentence examples, fill in the blank using to have to, answers questions that ask for information using to have to, write sentences based on pictures, “the family”, reading comprehension, fill in the blank sentences, members of the family vocabulary, verb conjugation Tener, (to have) and sentence examples and activities, verb conjugation, to like, and sentence examples using infinitives and activities, use of indirect pronouns with Gustar, (to like), questions with yes, or no answers, “preferences”, reading comprehension, and written response.


La hora, telling time, time expressions, locations vocabulary, directions, common direction phrases, practice answers to locations on a map, dialogue practice, means of transportation vocabulary, and question and answer sentence writing, animals, vocabulary, written answers to questions about animals.


Verb conjugation Poder, (can/to be able) and examples, complete sentences using to be able to, answers question about information using can, write sentences using to be able to based on pictures.

Instructions are translated for a better comprehension and to assist making your first lessons in Spanish simpler. At the end of the book there is a complete answer key for all of the exercises. Costatika Español Básico 1 is designed for students who want to learn Spanish in an enjoyable way. Get started on your Spanish language journey.

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