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Learning a language goes beyond

For leaners of Spanish, learning a language goes beyond

To make the effort to learning a language that is not your own means a lot. When you are learning Spanish it  means you want to understand Latin culture better.

  • It means you want to become friends with “ticos” and “ticas” around you.
  • It means you want to learn how to react the right way, in Spanish, in certain daily situations.
  • It means you want to improve your lifestyle by being able to communicate.
  • It means you have decided to enjoy more your life here.

Many people might think learning a language like Spanish is hard, but it is not. There are many advantages in this country that will help you acquire the language easier. For example, people are very friendly and always willing to help you, especially if they see you are making the effort to learn. Also, there are many opportunities to practice since there are Spanish speakers everywhere, at the bank, at the supermarket, at the beauty salon, at the bakery, at the mechanic shop, etc.

I guarantee that if you make the decision to learn Spanish, your life will change and new doors will open for you in this country, and very probable in many others.

As a result you will have more pleasant experiences, not only while living here, but also when traveling to other Spanish speaking countries.

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